I literally felt like I did not have a choice.



Honestly scrolled past it, then went back and reblogged it. You can’t deny robin williams. 

^ I did exactly that.

robin williams demands it.

robin williams wants me to.

Well ..what Could I do, Is Robin Williams…

I really tried just scrolling past this, I just couldn’t…

I debated for 2 minutes… I just HAVE to reblog it. Omg.

I was like “Fuck Robin Williams.” And then I saw it again as I scrolled up, and reblogged it.

Basically all of this^^  This picture has so much power.

Omg I had too -.- 😛

Who da fuqq is robbin williams? omg i’m so lost 😦

Robin Williams, y u so persuading? 

Robin Williams tells you to reblog. So you reblog.

yes sir

Couldn’t agree more


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