Stripping Off For Summer? I think not


This week I’ve been on a journalism course at Media City UK. Not only did this mean catching my first tram, but it lead to me meeting Gok Wan. I say ‘met’. What I actually mean was I stood at the edge of his set in the rain as he rehearsed for his new show ‘stripping off for summer’ and smoked an e-cigarette. And I waved until he waved back.

On a serious note, I wouldn’t recommend his new show. Whilst I may have had a fan-girl moment over him last week, I’ve not exactly been his greatest fan in recent years.
Let’s face it, ever since he lost Alexa Chung and Brix Smith-Start (who took her fabulous little pugs with her), Gok’s Fashion just hasn’t provided the Fix it promises.
And his latest revival is, in my opinion, his worst yet. If you haven’t yet had the *ahem* pleasure, it essentially sees him give an audience member a makeover in just forty minutes. Except that all he actually does is take her back stage, hold some tops up against her and then tell his team of stylists to style her. Wow.

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