Summer in Nonna’s Kitchen


I often find myself making lists of things I want to do- a bucket list of sorts. But, let’s face it, half the items I know I will never get round to. So, I’ve decided to use my three month summer to its full potential (possibly the only advantage of having exams in May). 

In the spirit of this, I spent today engaged in a master class of Italian cooking, determined that my Nonna’s (Italian for Grandma) recipes won’t get lost with the passing of time. 
From a classic tomato sauce to stuffed peppers and mulinyane, I’ve actually started to tick a few recipes off my list. 
Perhaps the greatest appeal of Italian cooking is the spirit it embodies: the whole family gathered around the dinner table sharing great food, made with love. I know that’s cheesy, I really do, but that’s how I’ve grown up. And it’s exactly how I want my children to grow up. It’s the small traditions that make memories. Ok, soppy reminiscence over.

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