Dressing Up Box Daze

Be it a 3 year old girl in a Disney princess dress, tottering about in her mum’s high heels with a face smeared with lipstick or a 16 year old digging through Grandma’s trinkets in the middle of her vintage-appreciation stage (the time just before you turn into your mother, who now walks into a vintage shop with her coat covering her nose), there’s something magical about a dressing up box. In fact, dressing up in general.  The last decade has witnessed the revival of costume jewellery with brands such as MAWI and Shourouk being propelled into the spotlight. Whilst the whole cocktail dress dripping with diamonds sha-bang may be favoured on the red carpet, my favourite take on these devil-may-care jewels is the laid back “oh this old thing?” approach. After all, nothing spruces up jeans and a tee like a statement necklace.  This weekend I headed down to the People’s History Museum in Manchester to bag a bargain in the Vintage Kilo Sale, but it wasn’t the clothes that caught my eye. Despite an ever growing wishlist of clothing, I’ve come away from my last three antique/vintage fairs with nothing but jewellery and this one was no disappointment.


This 1940s brooch (the pink and green one) haggled its way into my life on Saturday and is the latest addition to my growing collection on vintage clip-ons. I know brooches aren’t easy to wear, but most vintage jewellery sales will have an overwhelming collection of gold chains, so why not do a bit of DIY?  And with costume jewels hitting the high street once more, there’s no harm in mixing your Topshop with the real McCoy.



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