Let the countdown begin!


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Christmas in the traditional sense may be a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, but as with many things, there is a modern interpretation slowly undermining the age-old principles upon which it is based. Beyond a visit to Church on Christmas morning (sandwiched between opening presents and the onslaught of a family reunion), the religious connotation of December 25th plays an increasingly small role.

Perhaps more significant than the big day itself, is the build up; the countdown that starts in November when you download an app that tells you how many days remain. Seeing as the annually-anticipated John Lewis advert has been released, it only seems right to respond with a post. It’s a picture we all too familiar with: the build up to Christmas through the eyes of a modern anti-Grinch…

November 1st: bored with watching the X Factor, casual doodles morph into a meticulously planned present list.

November 25th: a friend excitedly informs you that it’s only a month until Christmas and you realise in a panic that you are unprepared in every sense of the word.

November 30th: sat amongst a pile of shopping bags, you dust off your favourite Christmas jumper ready for December 1st, when it becomes socially acceptable to wear it out of the house.

December 8th: it’s impossible to wait for the Christmas markets and they really do sell the best hot chocolate (you need it to recover from ice-skating).

December 10th: you sit wrapping presents in garish red paper whilst watching Love Actually and crying over the fact that you won’t get to kiss Hugh Grant under the mistletoe.

December 16th: shaking your hand to remove the writing-cramp, you realise just how ridiculous it is to write a Christmas card to every single person you know.

December 18th: not prepared to settle for any less than the smell of a real tree, you sit with a mug of tea smugly admiring your nifty tinsel skills and handmade baubles.

December 20th: having bought presents for the whole family and your Secret Santa (those reindeer nail stickers were just adorable!) you spot the missing name on your list: mum!

December 24th: despite wishing for snow, you wake up to a disappointing sight and after a meal with the family (meat-free of course) you lay out Santa’s cookie and milk (for old times’ sake).

December 25th: trying to look fresh even though you were up at 4am because you couldn’t contain your excitement, you head downstairs and the festivities begin!


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