London Buzz

In honour of my recent weekend in London, I thought I’d add in a couple of recommendations: the places I visited that I liked and the things I did that I thought worthy of passing on. This will only be a short post, as London is so huge and diverse that to name all the brilliant things to do there would be a list far too exhaustive for a blog post. And what’s more, it would take all of the fun out of discovering places for yourself – the hidden gems that London has in such an abundance. Anyway, here goes:

  • Blackout II : true, authentic vintage clothing and jewellery that makes you envious of anyone alive in the boom of  1920s glamour. A real treasure trove of nostalgic pieces, destined for more than the second hand shop down the road. These pieces have been hand-picked by the two somewhat eccentric owners, igniting a love of vintage in anyone who walks through the door.
  • BeaNice : Just beyond the buzz of Covent Garden, you’ll find an ice-cream parlour reminiscent of the diners you swooned over in Grease. But don’t dismiss it as a gimmick; their pistachio ice-cream is no laughing matter – far from it, possibly the best I’ve ever tasted.
  • The Crypt at St-Martin’s-in-the-field: As odd as it sounds, just opposite the National Portrait Gallery is a glass crypt almost similar to the Apple shop in New York – a glass monument of sorts that leads the way to an underground space you never knew was there. The crypt, unlike the Apple shop, would be a great place for dinners or parties and is a wonderful mix of the old and new.
  • Poet’s Corner: Hidden inside the awe-inspiring architectural feat that is Westminster Abbey, lies Poets’ Corner, the home of either the graves or commemorative stones of famous playwrights, poets and writers. Though it is not normally allowed to be visited on its own, its well worth the trip and an incredibly humbling experience.

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