Oh My Calvin! Who’s that girl?

The transformation from child star to serious adult actor is a task not to be underestimated. The Disney alumni are living proof of how wrong it can go (I’m talking naked photos, wrecking balls and multiple stints in rehab). Yet one person who has well and truly shaken off the ghost of her youth – without losing her credibility – is Emma Watson; her recent form on the red carpet is more than proof of that. Without breaking so much as a single bead of sweat, she has effortlessly gone from gawky Hermione Granger to sophisticated Emma Watson: femme fatale. Yes, her position in the style stakes is merely a superficial representation of her professional transformation, but it’s undoubtedly very pretty to look at. Don’t just take my word for it; here are a few of her recent red carpet highlights…

441072-actress-emma-watson-poses-on-the-red-carpet-as-she-arrives-at-the-86th"Noah" - UK Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivalsemma-watson-71st-golden-globes-los-angeles-january-201420140401-3666C1D7A4EE431C-0-0-BFB07B33-F773DC101B46A464'Noah' Germany Premiereemma-watson-noah-premiere-new-york-march-2014_2



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