The Key To Concealer


When it comes to make-up, I think it’s safe to say that I’m stuck in a bit of a rut. I never leave the house without it, but I’d hardly call myself adventurous (at least not when it comes to doing my own). So, when I go on holiday, my “barely there” look should stand me in good stead for a week or two without any at all (because, really, how big can the difference be?). But every year I find myself faced with the same problem: is it acceptable to wear makeup on holiday? I know it doesn’t sound like that big an issue, but when you’re a teenage girl suffering from a big red spot invasion on an almost daily basis, it is. How do you relax when you’re self conscious about how you look? Normally, I just resign myself to the fact that a holiday won’t provide me with any relief from my daily cosmetics routine, but this year I’ve found a solution. Whilst it may not be the fanciest or most expensive concealer on the block, it is the best one I’ve yet to stumble across. Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin concealer is one of a rare species of make up that actually does what it says on the tin (or rather the small squeezy tube). At just £5.99, I wasn’t expected it to actually stay on come wind, rain or – in my case – sea, but it did. It’s easy to apply (even for a novice like myself) and doesn’t give you those crusty orange patches you sometimes get with cheaper concealers. Also, I’ve found it best to apply with the tip of your finger; it makes it easier to blend in. In fact, it makes my skin look far smoother than the Laura Mercier set I got for my birthday, despite that being wonderful in all other areas. The plain and simple truth of it is that a concealer needs the power to cover even the harshest of spots whilst giving the facade of a fresh face clear of make up and that’s exactly what this one does. So what started in the make-up isle at Boots as a hunt for cheap, sea-proof makeup has turned into something of a love affair with one very handy little concealer. Who would’ve guessed it?

P.S. I also picked up this waterproof mascara, but whilst it doesn’t smudge in the sea, it isn’t the best of mascaras. If anyone has found one they love, comment and tell me!


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