It’s Been A Hard Day’s Night…

Ok, so I may not have been working like a dog 100% of the time, but I have had a busy few weeks, unfortunately resulting in a little case of blog-neglect. However, I’m back now and I have some pretty exciting news. In my brief hiatus from blogging, I’ve been pursuing a few new projects – let me explain…

1. There’s a new theatre/arts company in town: This month, Manchester welcomed the first original production from it’s newest arts company, HOME. The venture was formed from the merger of the Library Theatre Company and Cornerhouse, so let’s face it, it’s a very intriguing prospect. Even more intriguing was their choice of the Victoria Baths as the location for their original debut. Anyway, back to me (selfish as ever!). A while ago, I entered a competition that HOME were running to find a young person between the ages of 14-18 to act as their youth reviewer for Romeo & Juliet (the aforementioned debut piece). Long story short, I won, and after a very surprising phone call informing me of this, I went down to see the show. The wonderful people over at HOME treated me to promenade tickets and a coveted interview with the two leads, Alex Felton and Sara Vickers. Naturally, I was pinching myself a little bit. The result of all this? A review, which will be published in a condensed form on the HOME site and it’s full length both on here and on Northern Soul (post coming soon). Phew!

2. Northern Soul: Part of my prize for winning the HOME competition I talked about above was a mentoring session with Helen Nugent, the editor of Northern Soul online magazine. I got some great advice and am now a contributing writer to the site. My review of Romeo & Juliet will therefore be published on there and, at the end of this week, I’ll be reviewing Mark Bruce’s Dracula at the Contact and interviewing the man himself.

There are a few other interesting things I have lined up for the coming weeks, but you’ll have to wait and see on that front – I can’t give everything away!


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