La Cucina di Croma

Dedicated readers of my blog will know of my penchant for a GBK burger, so probably won’t be surprised to hear that my reaction to the news of it’s Didsbury branch closing was dire. Now where would I get that wonderfully wholesome “home-slaw” and my good/greasy food fix? However, when I heard of its replacement, the Didsbury restaurant scene stopped looking quite so bleak. As a … Continue reading La Cucina di Croma

Great British Beef at GBK

A relaxed summer afternoon, spent hazily grazing on the remnants of a lovely smokey barbecue… A crisp winter evening by the fire, digging into the ultimate embodiment of comfort food…  Two very different scenarios, one ridiculously belated realisation: the burger truly is the most versatile cocktail of food and emotion EVER. I suppose the ‘belated’ element of that is down to the likes of fast food mavericks … Continue reading Great British Beef at GBK

The Rose Amongst The Thorns

A chic, minimalist blanket of white offset with pops (or rather, stripes) of colour: The Rose Garden on Burton Road. Whilst this might look intimidating from the roadside, where it lies amongst a row of laid back bohemian bistros, the staff are relaxed yet professional, achieving a comfortable and sophisticated atmosphere. The Rose Garden is a true testament to the unsung hero that is British … Continue reading The Rose Amongst The Thorns