Faux Fur Favourites

Whilst there’s a certain je ne sais pas about Summer dressing, there’s really nothing more exciting after a disappointingly cold SS season than the prospect of wrapping up in AW’s latest offerings. And even though my mind ought to be on bikinis and tanning (I’m actually writing this on holiday – don’t judge me, it’s cold), all I can think about is the army of … Continue reading Faux Fur Favourites

Steranko Summer

Following on from my guest blog on Steranko’s website last week (which you can also read here), I decided to go and raid their stock for some great examples of making layers work for summer…   The Anouk dress works perfectly over this spotted shirt, and the Lagoon clutch bag adds just the right amout of chic to contrast the Adidas trainers. This may not exactly constitute “layering” … Continue reading Steranko Summer

Trans-Seasonal Layering: Top It Up!

Ah, scrolling; my favourite form of procrastination! There really is nothing quite like looking through street style photographs for inspiration, scrolling down page upon page of imaginative new ways to dress up. And let’s face it, with Manchester’s somewhat temperamental weather, getting dressed requires spending a little bit longer if you’re going to get it right. We only get about 40 days of sunshine every … Continue reading Trans-Seasonal Layering: Top It Up!

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves!

On a slightly random note (and one of shameless self-promotion), I thought I’d take a moment to share this video with you all. I made it last week as a promotional video for my Young Enterprise company, The Beanie Shop. The beanies modelled in the advert are part of our latest range, ‘SURVIVOR.’ The most recent in a growing collection of slogan beanies, ‘SURVIVOR’ was … Continue reading Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves!

Beauty By Numbers

I recently read a feature in CR Fashion Book that explored the fine line between beauty and fashion. By using body paints to enhance a look, beauty can be transformed into a unique fashion accessory, making a paint-by-numbers statement. My personal favourites were the gold pants and silver lace socks…   Whilst this may be a little too extreme for the everyday, I’ve spotted a few items … Continue reading Beauty By Numbers