GPSmyCity Giveaway

I’m hosting my first ever giveaway competition in association with GPSmyCity. Comment for the chance to win a free download of the app for a city of your choice! Continue reading GPSmyCity Giveaway


New Year, New City…

I always find New Year is best spent at home and despite a serious bout of envy at a friend’s VIP Times Square experience, this year did not change that. However, I did break tradition slightly, with a somewhat impromptu trip to Prague, and was pleasantly surprised by the bohemian offering of beautiful buildings and winding rivers, as well as the somewhat kitsch, such as … Continue reading New Year, New City…

Russian Dolls

You’re about to get bombarded with whatever little tidbits I remember from our wonderful tour guides Lena and -oddly enough- Lena, because the last six days (3 in Moscow and 3 in St Petersburg) definitely deserve a post. For many who lived through Soviet Russia- be it the end or the very beginning- going inside the country’s borders may seem an impossible image to conjure. … Continue reading Russian Dolls